Lynton and Kerri established Browns Video Photography in 1983 for the growing demand in Wedding videos, having spent several years prior videoing anything he could on the family farm and friends weddings and events. VHS video was in its infancy and just beginning to gain popularity in domestic situations.

Lynton has seen many changes over the years but he has kept up with the pace of changing technology when other video producers have disappeared.

With an eye for detail and a passion for his craft, Lynton has made many lasting memories for people across Western Victoria. People are now coming back to Lynton to have their early video recordings transferred to DVD.

Working on many varied projects over the years such as 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, WIn News, 9 News, 7 News, 10 News along with many varied corporate businesses have all had different challenges and requirements but kept the job interesting.

Lynton has used many types of video equipement over the years from using battery hungry, large heavy portable video cameras and porta-packs in the early days with no computers to edit on, to the modern all in one solidstate High Definition and Ultra High Definition cameras that can fit in your top pocket, along with the GoPro’s and computer based editing. It’s no longer about fighting to use the technology its now about what can be done with the creative tools he has, and artistic skills he has gained over the years.

Lynton is always searching for new ideas and ways to enhance the visual story and to suit different budget requirements.

Landscape Photography has always been another passion of Lynton’s and he has only recently shared that passion on the web to a world wide audience with images being used at National Geographic website, newspapers, advertising and shared around the world by many people and groups.

Lynton has made a new website for his landscapes which has caused great interest and allows people to purchase anything from calendars, to books or prints.

Browns Video Photography 2013